Once you think you have everything
you have lost the only thing that matters.
The desire to be better
Christopher Davis
Founder and CEO
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Ryan Kushner

Chris is an absolute gem. You will not find a more honest, good-natured or more loyal person than Chris. Any organization would be lucky to have him

About CHD Enterprises, LLC.

Carpe Diem We at CHD Enterprises, LLC. believe that there is always room for improvement. In this constantly changing and rapidly evolving economy you must continue to push forward. The most common mistake we see a business make is complacency.

Loyalty by building strong relations with customers is paramount. Regardless of your niche or your current position in the market you will always be treated with value and respect.

Why us? Simple. We get the job done with zero compromise. We are your ally assisting you over those hurdles, nudging you past that road block, and putting you into tomorrow.